Thought I'd kick off this page, devoted to "those 'fade' moments", in hopes of encouraging contributions - although admittedly this one is pretty weak! I found this in a pile of old letters and my face immediately went bright red. The embarrassment is still tangible a quarter of a century later but, of course, I have now forgotten everything and now have no idea what I had done to deserve whatever this was. (On the other hand maybe this was all perfectly innocent, but the tone of the missive, the identity of the participants, and the reaction of my anatomy makes me think otherwise.) Please, someone, put me out of my misery and e-mail me (Martin) to supply the key to this incident. What nosh was provided? Why? Steep Garage???
And your answers are:

"Dear Martin - this is Andy's writing - therefore I have to deny any legal link with it!"
(e-mail from Lindsey).

Hmm. I wish this helped jog my memory, but it's still a total blank. Help, anyone? Caroline, you were usually a co-conspirator with Andy in these things, can you shed light on this "fade" situation? Can anyone else weigh in? (-Martin)