Peter Pan
a musical by Kenneth Snuggs

Click the songs to hear the music. Can you recognise the voices? If so please e-mail Martin by clicking here. (Some answers at bottom.)

Never-Never Land (Intro)
Hook, Hook, Captain Hook
Tick, Tock, Hark Awhile
I Wish I Had a Pretty House
Pillow Fight Song
On the Pirates' Trail
A Pirating We Go
Never-Never Land (Reprise)
Never-Never Land (Finale)
If, a few seconds after clicking, you hear no music, click here.
  • Antony T. says the voice singing the "fadeout" at the end of the last track is Tog (Jim Simon).
  • Somebody (Martin's forgotten who) said Andrea Haywood played Captain Hook.
  • The girl singing "I Wish I Had a Pretty House" is Tamsin Hill, according to Victoria Brooke (who is one of the voices in "Never-Never Land".