Tim Slack Biographical Sketch

Timothy Willatt Slack (1928- ): Assistant, Lycee de Rennes, France (1951); assistant master, the Salem School, Baden, West Germany (1952); assistant master, Repton School (1953-59); headmaster, Kambawsa College, Burma (1959-62); headmaster, Bedales School (1962-74); chairman, Society of Headmasters of Independent Schools (1968-70); deputy director (1975-77) and director (1977-83), Wiston House FCO Conference Centre; headmaster, Hellenic College of London (1983-84); chairman of governors, The Royal School (1988-95); director, National Tenants Resource Centre (1993- ); London RT Group (1994- ); chairman, London RT Group (1994- ).
(Photo taken by Martin in Cassis, France, 1974.)

I found the above biography on the Internet. If you find any mistakes please let me know. It does leave out the fact that Tim ran as a Liberal parliamentary candidate for the Petersfield constituency in 1974, scoring an unusually high score for a non-Tory candidate but losing nevertheless to .... (Michael Mates, I think?). I haven't heard of or from Tim since the 2000 reunion -- does anyone have any news? Martin.