Our intrepid cyber-sleuth gathers the only unbiased opinions (from our children) about this bunch of kooky people who grew up at "the tail end of the hippie era" (credit: AJT). Did you dare to show this website to your children? If so, what did they say? Click here to e-mail their reaction. Or even, let them type the e-mail themselves!

"I ... had to send my children to bed, after they obsessively watched the shot of their father with shoulder-length hair." - Antony.

"The website has provided me with considerable interest: but it has provided enormous amusement for the children. They are very delighted with Daddy 'looking like a girl' in the chemistry lab. When I pointed out that the whole class picture showed a lot of boys with long hair, they thought it 'weird'. Uncle Antony's picture (aged 12 or so) 'looks like a boy version of Cousin Lucy'." - James T.

"My daughters think it is really cool, especially my clothes which they wish I had kept for them as they are now back in fashion!" - Caroline.

"William - our 13 year old - and I laughed a lot looking through the pictures and films." - Liz B.