Bedales class of 1975

Class photo (1975?) contributed by Jonathan Morris.

Dunhurst 1966 class photo (contributed by Trish Edwards.)

Reactions to the June 2000 reunion

Class List (brought up to date in October 2003) with photos, movies, e-mail links, instructions
for contributing to the site.

Below are three pictures of the June 2000 reunion (from Martin and Jamie). Many more are
posted on people's individual Web pages. Patrick also sent six nice pics: click here to see them.

Dartmoor photos (contributed by Trish Edwards and added in 2003)

Tim Slack biography (added in 2003)

Kenneth Snuggs - an appreciation by Lyndon Davies (added in 2010)

Vegging - pictures of the common-room sofa (to sit on while you write your e-mail).

Whiter Shade of Pale - the words.

Fade! a feature devoted to "those 'fade' moments".

Look! It's Daddy looking like a girl! - what do your kids think of these funny people?

Scanning advice if you want to contribute photos.

The School Rules, The Anti-Rules - anonymous agitator demands drinking, smoking rights.

Performance Programmes. School plays, Le Mans.

News in Brief: explore a famously cryptic Chronicle feature, 1971-5.

Le Mans 1974: The Movie is a self-contained, 2-minute film.

Peter Pan: listen to the 1967 Dunhurst musical. Can you recognise the voices? (Updated 2003)

Dunhurst Group 4 class photo and links to its members (1967-68).

Collage of Bedales Staff Photos. Test your memory.

School Dawn Parties Shock. Remember the scandal horror mayhem?

Dartmoor Potholers 1972

Chemistry Lesson (note the smoke!).

Ruth Whiting: she retired in summer 2000.

Class of 1967
Class of 1972
Class of 1973
Class of 1999
Bedales Slang (courtesy '73 Block)
Official Bedales School site

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