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Henry Bennett (email address doesn't work 2003)

Adam Bevan

Charlotte Blacker (Duthie) (new photo added 2003)

Adam Boughey (email address doesn't work 2003)

Iona Brown

Elizabeth Bunster (Irwin)

Alison Cahn (Wigmore)

Peter Cameron

Sarah Campbell

Steven Carr-Jones (page created and photos added 2003)

Peter Charlesworth

Deborah Colvin

Jonathan Cox

John Crossan (new photos 2003)

Carol Currie (Olsen)

Charles Dandridge (one-sentence bio added 2003)

Daniel Day-Lewis

Sam Doncaster (very short bio added 2003)

Virginia Doran

Lindsey Dow

Rosalind Dunwell (Mollison)

Patricia Edwards (biography and new photos 2003)

Nicholas Empson

Diana Ensor (Alonzo) (brief update 2003)

Patrick Erdal

Clare Evans

Caroline Giddens (Rollings)

Carolyn Godlee (Womersley)

Claudia Gough

Ryn Gough

Diana Gubb (Vickery) (new photos 2003)

Christopher Hall (new "Lost World" video added 2003)

Rosemary Hay (Hodgson) (new photos 2003)

Andrea Haywood (email address doesn't work 2003)

Tarquin Henriques

Martin Herdman

Richard Holder

Julia Holt

Sue Hudson

Tessa Hugues-Freeland (9/11 experience added 2003)

Paul Hutt (biography added 2003)

David Judson (page created 2003)

Andrew Jukes

Fiona Kent (Richardson) (page created and biography added 2003)

Jannet King (biography added 2003)

Sally Knight (Laird) (email address doesn't work 2003)

Mark Knowles (photo added 2003)

Simone Levy

David Lewis (page created 2003)

Rebecca Llewellyn-Davies

Cathy Lobbenberg (Kilgarriff) (biography and web link added 2003)

Stephen Loft-Simson

Elizabeth Loudon (biography and photo added 2003)

John Lowes (email address doesn't work 2003)

Martin Marris

Humphrey McFall

Elizabeth Mood

Jonathan Morris

James Mursell

Claire Nowak (Mackintosh)

Kevin O'Duffy

James Orrom (very brief biography and web link added 2003)

Clare Osdene (Schapiro) (biography added 2003)

Gregory Penoyre

Harriet Perks (Dickinson)

Nicola Pinsent (Holman)

Ben Powell

Harriet Preston (Watson) (photo added 2003)

Christopher Price

Charlotte Proby (Hay) (biography added 2003)

Christine Proby (Dobbs)

Daniel Redman (photos added 2003)

Tobias Redman

Philippa Russell (Anderson) (email address doesn't work 2003)

Mary Schooling

Donald Scott (brief bio added 2003)

James Simmons

James Simon

Mark Smith (brief bio added 2003)

David Snuggs

Andrew Sullivan

Jemima Tindall (biography added 2003)

James Townsend

Antony Townsend

Janet Ward (Norris)

Lucy Whyte (two photos added 2003)

Fiona Williams (Fowler)

William Williams (biography and new photo added 2003)

Jennifer Wright (Boyle)

David Zinkin